Katerina  Fullen  

About Katerina

Growing up in Prague, Czech Republic, Katerina knew from an early age that her life's work would be photography. Getting early coaching from her mother who worked as a photojournalist, Katerina continued her studies at the Institute of Photography in Prague. She spent the next five years photographing cultural events, gallery shows and political debates in the new democracy of Czech Republic. After shooting all day, she often spent her nights in dark rooms developing the day's work.

When she first came to America, it was with the intention of staying for two months to photograph uniquely American scenery, people and culture.  What began as a two month adventure turned into a new permanent home after being awarded for her trip's work.

"In 2008, I had twin boys and my perspective on photography changed.  Unlike adults who've learned how to "behave" in front of a camera, forcing smiles and trying to angle for their best side, children unapologetically are who they are.  Every smile, grimace and facial expression in between is real.  And it's a pleasure to capture their realities from behind the lens."


Katerina is best known for her stunning minimalist photographs of children.  While photography of young people remains her focus, she's also frequently commissioned for corporate headshots and events.

"No matter how challenging the session, it never feels like work to me and I believe finding that passion in life is what it's all about"


I spend most of my time shooting on location, whether that's a park in Atlanta, a freshly painted nursery or a crazy messy birthday party.

But because sometimes what the client wants requires complete control over the lighting, the pose (and the weather) I built a state of the art home studio in 2017.

This new space has plenty of room for outfit changes, a place for families to relax and multiple lighting and background options so we get exactly what we want.

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